"Mississippi Sounds"
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I believe a defining sound that comes from Mississippi are the great Southern Gospel Hymns played in our churches.  I grew up hearing these every Sunday as well as in my Grandfather's Bluegrass Band "The Melody Messengers".  You will find "It Is Well With My Soul", "Just As I Am", "I'll Fly Away" and many more Gospel hymns on the album both in solo guitar and guitar ensemble.  I have also written four pieces depicting different poetic scenes from the state.  "Delta Sunrise" of course written to depict a sunrise on the cotton bearing Mississippi Delta, "Windy Pines" shows a lazy autumn day with the wind whistling through the pine trees, "Southern Summer Night" is about our hot summer nights here in Mississippi, the last original piece comes from the Choctaw word "Mississippi" meaning "Father of Rivers" which I wrote with the many styles of music from the state in mind to include bluegrass, blues, and Choctaw Indian music​.  This is not a classical guitar album, though I have been classically trained I am going back to my roots on this one and using what I have learned to bring this CD to life.  I hope you enjoy it.